Our company

At AustraCold we strive to provide the right end-to-end solution for our customers. With cold chain warehouses across Melbourne, supported by a diverse transport fleet, optimising every aspect of cold-chain logistics.

Our team

From sales to business development consultants, and to continuous improvement specialists, and customer service, we are a passionate team striving to provide our customers with an outstanding experience.

Our values


Personal values are the things that are important to us. At AustraCold the characteristics and behaviours that motivate us and our customers guide our decisions. Hence, “people” is one of our key drivers for our success today and for tomorrow.

Safety, health and wellbeing

Keeping our people, our customers and our communities safe is part of our DNA. We learn from our experiences and we involve our customers to find better and safer ways to work.

Easy to do business with

Life, in general, is complicated; we strive to simplify business and relationships by understanding the needs of customers and ensuring their experience with us is easy to do business with.

Corporate responsibility

Rising expectations demand businesses to operate sustainably. We take practical actions to do our bit for the environment and positive change to our communities.


At AustraCold, we are proud of our people – a community of problem solvers who address inclusion and upskilling as part of the core of the organisation.