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When AustraCold secured a massive new client in late 2019 they knew that integrating their warehouse and transport management system with the clients’ was going to be the first major challenge.

The client, a major Australian food group, allowed three months to get their SAP system working with AustraCold’s CartonCloud platform. The timing was way off.

“We had them up and running in six weeks,” AustraCold Managing Director Birol Guler said.  “It was a dream start and couldn’t have gone any better.”

“It has given us the confidence to really ramp up the growth of the business and seek out other businesses that we can bring on board with absolute confidence that we can add value very quickly.”

While CartonCloud already handles a number of integrations out-of-the-box – including major accounting systems and eCommerce platforms – it has developed particular expertise in building custom integrations with more complex enterprise management systems like SAP.

AustraCold is a full-service warehousing, 3PL, and transportation provider in the cold storage sector and has three warehouses around Melbourne and about 80 staff.

Mr. Guler said the CartonCloud integrations team, headed by Emanuel Kelly, was incredibly accommodating and flexible.

“The technology is great, but it is the people that make all the difference. They really have got customer service down pat; their support network and detailed Knowledge Base make onboarding a dream for our staff and clients.”

AustraCold’s storage operations have utilised CartonCloud since they were established in October 2018 and have a deep understanding of the value the platform adds to their existing business.

WhenAustraCold first started using CartonCloud, it was a solution of convenience with a number of staff already familiar with the technology from previous jobs.

“CartonCloud has played a huge role in our growth. We are virtually paperless now which makes a huge difference to the efficiency and we even have a few ideas we want to talk to them about to improve the platform even more.”

He said customer satisfaction was an important part of their growth strategy and it was important all parts of the business, including technology, achieved their mission of being “easy to do business with”.

With their new client moving straight into their list of top clients it was critical that the integration process went smoothly from a financial and reputational perspective.

Mr. Guler said the integrations team was able to anticipate many of the potential problems and iron them out before they become major issues.

“They seemed to have the foresight about what can go wrong and deal with it before it happens,” he said. “That is probably one of the advantages of being based in the Asia Pacific region with local culture and the knowledge of the logistics industry.”

He said the company would look to integrate other clients with CartonCloud once they could see the benefits outweighing the risks.

“It is a big step for a company to open their systems to another party and they need to be confident that any integration is going to work and add value over the long term.”

CartonCloud Integrations Consultant, Emanuel Kelly said CartonCloud’s ability to integrate with almost any other technology platform was a key marketing tool for their customers.

“Our customers use CartonCloud as a key part of their value proposition every day; it allows them to grow their business, target larger new businesses, and work with businesses with sophisticated IC&T processes.”

“We can integrate just about any system with CartonCloud, ranging from basic Microsoft Office-level right up to sophisticated enterprise-wide systems like SAP.

“The goal is always to achieve a seamless, automated, paperless solution that is easy for staff to learn and use and ultimately, delivers a more efficient warehousing and transportation system,” he said.

 The average CartonCloud integration takes between two and six weeks and includes an experienced onboarding team that manages the whole process.

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