Warehousing & distribution

Our customers and trade partners expect simple, efficient and dependable warehouse and distribution services.

With warehouse and distribution centres across Melbourne, AustraCold is dedicated to providing our customers with best-in-class service, transforming the warehouse and distribution operations to support our customers’ growth.

Road transport

Whether it’s a carton for home delivery or full truckload into regional Victoria, AustraCold provides complete temperature-controlled transport solutions for all metro, regional or interstate locations.

AustraCold’s 100+ strong vehicles are designed to deliver the most efficient transport for your +18ºC dry goods, down to your –27ºC super-cold goods.

Cold-chain XDock

Whether it’s dairy, produce, or frozen foods, cold-chain compliance isn’t negotiable. AustraCold’s temperature-controlled distribution centre network, cross-dock facilities and fleet of trailers and vehicles give our customers confidence about product integrity throughout the supply chain.


Our multi-drop delivery service is one of our fastest-growing divisions. We deliver all temperature regimes for chilled to frozen and ambient products to various restaurants, cafés, clubs, pubs and households. Using our transport management technology, clients can track’n’trace deliveries in real-time; giving our customers transparency and flexibility.

Easy-to-use warehousing and transport systems

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

AustraCold’s warehouse solution integrates tightly with our transport and billing systems. Our customers have their own customer portal to access reporting and dashboards easily, for full visibility and control of inventory.

Our easy-to-use WMS supports the end-to-end operation of warehouse sites.

This facilitates:

  • Real-time visibility and seamless integration
  • Better information flow
  • Optimal customer service

Features include:

  • RF-enabled transactions
  • Simple and flexible put-away and efficient picking
  • Industry-standard easy-to-use forms and labels
  • Cold chain storage with temperature recording across all sites
  • Cross-docking

Transport Management Systems (TMS)

AustraCold’s simple and easy to use TMS integrates fleet and logistics management throughout AustraCold’s transport and warehouse network to streamline our customers’ supply chains.

Our TMS provides a simple yet useful set of options and functionality that can be tailored to our customers’ requirements to provide every point in the supply chain.

AustraCold digital network

Smart and simple digitised processes become critical for optimal supply chains. AustraCold is adapting to better connect with and serve customers in an evolving digital world.

AustraCold has partnered with best-in-class transport and freight management system that simplifies all customer freight management across the business, controlling orders from start to finish. This connected simple yet smart visible information is derived from the industry’s best.

Simple Transport management:

  • Visibility and ease of communication
  • Track’n’trace
  • Sign-on-glass and delivery confirmation

Increased efficiency:

  • A single system for transport operations
  • Removal of paperwork and data entry
  • Easy load building and routing

Improved road compliance:

  • App-based driver pre-start inspection and fitness for duty
  • Driver Management and behaviour
  • Driver fatigue management
  • Automated speed alert
  • Incident reporting

Vehicle & fleet management   

AustraCold’s efficient and safe fleet and equipment are essential for reliable service. Our vehicles and equipment leverage the latest technology that improves safety, efficiency and reduces emissions. On average, the AustraCold fleet is renewed every 5-7 years to take advantage of new technology, including advances in safety, efficiency and emissions.

Partnering with the best-in-class service centres across Melbourne to ensure that safety and road compliance comes first, and is maintained according to its servicing schedule to ensure the safety of our people, the community and the efficient operation of our fleet.

Continuous Improvement (CI)

Continuous improvement is a key to Cold Chain Logistics.  Hence why AustraCold’s dedicated CI team aims to eliminate wastage and non-value-adding activity for the business and our customers.

Our approach to CI is based on simple and practical principles, improving ongoing cost and efficiency outcomes for our customers to meet their changing needs.

Our CI staff combine sophisticated reporting, dashboards and both top-down/bottom-up approaches, spending time with our customers’ business operations to understand and gain information and experience, to enable the business to capture ways to improve, streamline and process-map improvements.